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The '90s are back. Trendspotting @ Amazon's Tokyo Fashion Week


Say goodbye to slim and skinny pants.

Amazon’s Tokyo Fashion Week brought out some of the best designers in the industry to display their new collections on the runway. 55 brands took part as Amazon headlined Tokyo's biggest fashion event. Among the many eclectic looks was a prominent theme of aggressive street fashion. Wide cuts, cropped lengths and overall loose-fitting pants ran wild throughout nearly every event as the industry seemed to waive goodbye to every slim and skinny pant trend of the past decade.


Fashion in the 1990s carried a youth movement and offered carefree styles which dabbled in rebellion. They say "what goes around comes around," and the grunge and punk rock karma has made it full circle. It's time to embrace the sexy school girl, Courtney Love goth-inspired slip dresses, chokers, overalls, flared pants, and crop tops again.


'90s punk took center stage at a number of shows in Japan with tartan and glen plaids splashed throughout nearly every outfit. Besides the punk, late '90s and early 2000s hip-hop fashion is back and basically looks exactly as we left it. With some updated cuts for today’s trends, it appears the golden era of urbanwear is making a comeback.


What are your favorite 90s fashion revivals?

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The '90s are back. Trendspotting @ Amazon's Tokyo Fashion Week
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