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TREND REPORT: Extra Everything with Exaggerated Fits

Trends come and go, some faster than others, some remain classic over time, and then there are those we can’t wait to forget. 2018 ushered in the era of exaggerated portions: oversized fits, drop shoulders, wide pants, and both cropped and long lengths; Nothing fits normal. The range of extra wide to extra long or super short gives the alluring style of rebellion against bespoke and tailored garments.

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen this; turn on any episode of Friends in the 90’s as an example and it can serve as a current lookbook from some of this year's hottest brands. It’s funny how perception changes, how getting tired of one look drives the market aggressively towards the opposite.

The "oversized" trend is spread across luxury brands and streetwear as they let loose. Some have an almost anti-fit quality about them while giving great movement and air circulation, which is most likely more comfortable than the well-fitted cousins and better for buffets.

Brands might be going towards marquee lines such as "The Bigger, The Better" or "Large and In Charge."


What does it mean for manufacturing and designing the products? For one, the more fabric is used in a garment, the more substantial it feels and, to put it bluntly, the more expensive it is to make. Unregular sizing and measurement considerations are also taken while labeling and designing garments with "oversized" smalls, mediums, and larges.


The best part is that you can customize any of the garments in our product catalog into an oversized or cropped fit to fit your brand. You can order them as-is, private label, or customize the fit/materials/colors/trims. Some base product templates you can use are the Easy Pants, Drop Shoulder Long Sleeve Tee, and Cropped Wide Leg Pants. Can't miss the Wide Leg Tencel Pants, Cropped Cami Jumpsuit, and Ribbed Pullover Sweater.

We spent most of the 2000’s regretting the fits of Friends and focusing on more classic tailoring for many years with slim pants and classic fitting tops dominating men’s apparel. Fast forward and here we are right back in it with 18” pant leg openings, slouchy shoulder seams at your bicep, and elongated lumbering sleeves that extend over most of the hand. Will it last this time? And what do you think will be next?




TREND REPORT: Extra Everything with Exaggerated Fits
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