Sweat Wicking Suits

Thanks to the breaking down of the barrier between work and personal life, millennials are constantly looking for ways to fuse the two together. Slowly but surely, it's getting into suits as well. Typically, light colored cotton summer suits will do a great job keeping cool. But, there are a few commuter-focused suits that want to offer something different.

Transforming Tried and True
Suits are double layered and the formal look and texture can only be replicated with wool. So, unless the fabric is weaved to be much lighter and mixed with other materials, it does not breath extremely well. Cotton woven suits will usually breathe better. The inner lining also gives the suit more weight so that it drapes and shapes well around the body. While it must have the 2nd layer, there are companies changing its materials to help breathability.

Ted Baker's take on the commuter suit is by reducing its weight, and changing the inner lining. They have a few items in their commuter series, inspired by professionals who commute by bicycles.


The outer shell of the suit is a more traditional wool, but with 1% elastane. The elastane allows the suit to be stretched a bit. The body lining is made of 3 different materials in different mixes of acetate, polyester, viscose, cotton, and wool. Currently only sold in the UK. £399 for the jacket, and £140 for the pants.

Parker Dusseau's Commuter Jacket
Born in the land of early adopters, Parker Dusseau created a commuter focused suit as well. They use a stretch merino wool for the outer shell and a mesh lining. When any product says "stretch," generally that means there is some type of spandex (Lycra, elastane) mixed with the material. Taking a page straight out of the outdoor brands' book are "pit zips." These are zippers that open from your inner bicep downward past your armpit. This design was popular in technical rain shells that were designed to be water resistant so that the wearer can still have some air flowing. The materials in this jacket should have more give than the Ted Baker commuters. It is also sized so that a cyclist's movements are unrestricted. $475 for the jacket, $245 for the pants.

Huez Sports Tailored Jacket
In this jacket, the outer shell is the main selling point. It is of "78% Virgin Wool, 18% Polyamide, 4% Elastane." In apparel, polyamide can mean cotton, wool, or nylon. When it is mentioned in clothing, it is almost always nylon. From a material standpoint, this outer-shell should be the most breathable, it has the most stretch and least proportion of wool.


Weight, warp and weft techniques could make a huge difference as well. There are two types of linings made of a 83/17 polyester and elastane mix; and a 100% viscose. £400 for the jacket.

Sweat Wicking Suits
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