Quick Materials Guide to Cotton

Good ol' cotton! There are 3 basic varieties to the most commonly used fabric for apparel. Here is a quick guide to understand this natural fiber better!

25,000,000 – Twenty-five million tons of cotton are produced annually, that is enough for every person in the world to have a hotel room full of pillows. (6.5 pillows for the 7.4 billion people in the world) China, India, and the US are the global leaders in production.

7000 – Humans began to use cotton before Jesus arrived! Ancient civilizations in India, Egypt, and China spun, wove, and dyed cotton 7000 years ago.

1794 – After its invention in 1794, Eli’s cotton gin turbo-charged cotton into the #1 export in the US. We remain the world’s largest exporter of cotton. Many of the technologies that we take for granted today such as hydroelectricity and robotic manufacturing started from the demand for processing cotton.

30 – According to Cotton Incorporated, it takes about 30% less energy to make a cotton shirt than it did 30 years ago. Cotton farmers are also growing double the amount of cotton on the same amount of land as in 1980.

1 – Cotton fiber grows in a boll. This soft fluffy fiber forms a protective case around the seeds of cotton plants. Each boll weights about a gram. These white poofs are what gets harvested and spun into fabric.

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Quick Materials Guide to Cotton
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