Attending Magic 2018: An Industry on the Cusp of Change

During the week of February 11, 2018, the Maderight team attended the WWD Magic, Sourcing, Liberty Fairs, Agenda Show and the Capsule Show in Las Vegas. We've been attending these shows for a few seasons now, and we always look forward to coming back. One of the main reasons we keep coming back is to continue to be a part of the disruption happening today in traditional apparel manufacturing. Each season when we return, we're always amazed to see how fast the industry is constantly changing.


This year, our CEO Kent Mori, spoke at the Agenda Show about the future disruptions of retail and technology. Being a Silicon Valley-based company, Maderight is a strong believer in the power of technology and its ability to change the industry. We believe that the future of fast fashion, retail, design and manufacturing is at the cusp of being more effective. The fashion and manufacturing world is ready for innovation. At Maderight, our goal is to make the process of apparel manufacturing easy and transparent.

If you had the opportunity to attend any of these shows, then I’m sure you were as excited by the industry energy as we were. And if you missed being in Vegas this time, here are our two big takeaways from the time we spent in Las Vegas:

  • The importance of fast fashion and social media If anything, fast fashion is more important now than ever. We live in an age where social media is the best way to engage with consumers. The rise in popularity of Snapchat and Instagram has shortened the lifecycle of trends; consumers share moments of inspiration on social media, and brands and retailers have to keep up at "snap" speed. Fast fashion allows brands and retailers to keep up with on-trend items while still delivering at a low cost to consumers. If a brand is able to successfully push out affordable, new styles they'll be able to retain and engage customers more easily.


  • Streetwear and selling a culture Trends come and go, but the one trend that keeps on growing is streetwear. Fashion is changing, and perfecting the effortless yet stylish and casual look is key. In Vegas this year, we saw lots of brands drawing inspiration from athletics, Hip-Hop and skate culture. Custom-printed hoodies, luxury joggers and high-end sneakers are what consumers are looking for. The brands that are doing the best at selling these products are selling more than just style; they're selling a culture. Buyers want to buy something that they feel represents who they are and that stands out.


At Maderight, we're proud to be a team that's here for you throughout every step of the process. Apparel manufacturing is hard, but you don't have to do it alone.


Going to Magic in August? Stop by our booth at Sourcing to say hi and see some of our products!

Attending Magic 2018: An Industry on the Cusp of Change
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