How to Create the Perfect Tech Pack

One of the common questions we get at Maderight is, "how do we create a tech pack?". We've made it pretty simple for anyone to create the perfect tech pack. Let's find out how!

To begin, let's just explain what the heck a tech pack even is. A tech pack is the set of information that you give to your manufacturer so that they can begin making your product. It usually includes a combination of a sketch, measurements, and the materials needed to make your product. You can read more about what a tech pack is here. Your tech pack should be detailed enough to hand off to the factory and then receive the exact product you had intended back. After receiving a sample of the product, your team will make any changes to the same tech pack that was originally submitted so that everyone is on the same page throughout every step of the process.
Let's review the format of a tech pack below:

  • Style Description: This includes the style ID number, description, season, designer, vendor, and date. Being organized early will allow you to reduce iterations when you want to bring a style back. Great tech packs will also include version type or number (ie. construction, prototype, salesman, production) for additional clarification

  • Technical Sketch: This is a flat drawing of the garment, most common in Adobe Illustrator. The stitch lines are in black and the garment, regardless of color, is left blank. Drawings front and back are usually included.

  • Call-Outs: A flat vector drawing with each of the important design details called out for the pattern maker to include. These should include different angles of the garment if necessary. It may include elongated descriptions that follow this page.

  • Grade Rules: A chart that specifies each of these measurements, also known as "Points of Measure" (POM for short). Grading is the extension of this chart to include all the sizes you are producing. This is the section you should be changing if any changes are to be made.

  • Bill of Materials: This is sometimes known as the BOM. It is a list of each material you plan to use to create your garment in product ID and description. This will include everything from the self, contrast, and trim, as well as anyone who is responsible for supplying the material.

  • Change Log: The change log keeps track of every change you make to the tech pack between iterations of the sample. Just as your product will evolve through each sample, your tech pack should reflect the changes you want so the factory can correctly update the garment.

Your tech pack will ultimately serve as the blue print for your design. The clearer your tech pack is, the less back and forth you have to do with your suppliers. By making a clear and detailed tech pack, you are also protecting yourself from additional risk. Perfecting your tech packs will also allow you to take advantage of our fast fashion supply chains while improving overall quality.

You may choose to have a technical designer work with your designer to turn sketches into a format that manufacturers can translate into product. Or, you can utilize Maderight's team to assist with all technical design and creation of tech packs. Part of the service we offer is creating tech packs for you. This will help reduce stresses on your team to create them, and help to ensure you get the exact product that you want.

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How to Create the Perfect Tech Pack
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