Fashionary's Fashionpedia on Kickstarter

I've been anxiously awaiting the shipment of Fashionary's Fashionpedia. Working in manufacturing, we sometimes take on the roles of designer, technical designer, production, materials engineer, and sourcing. Having a book to not only look up references, but a way to give companies references will speed up a huge chunk of the product development process.

The company started in 2009 to "bring efficiency to professional fashion designers." This particular Fashionpedia is a combination of the style reference books they've put out in the past. This specific encyclopedia project has been in the making for 5 years.

According to co-founder Penter Yip,

"After founding Fashionary for two years, we wanted wanting to make a fashion dictionary for designers. Because for those of us who design, we need to use professional terminology. We also need to know the names of different individual elements in the style, material, textures. Right now, there's not a great selection out of the books that are out there, and just have too much text to understand."

The different chapters cover flat drawings, details, accessories, textiles, manufacturing, body, measurements, and a ton of other helpful information. Though it is not going to cover absolutely everything, it looks like it will be a great starting reference for any designer. It ships "late April" but I cross my fingers that they are able to ship on time.

Fashionary's Fashionpedia on Kickstarter
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