[Beta Release] Introducing Maderight's 14-Day Prototype Program

How many times have you experienced crazy long lead times during the development of your products? It always starts promising enough. You’re communicating with the factory to start your samples and things seem to be going well. Then their promised delivery date passes. The 3-4 week sample time they promised turns into 6-8 weeks and photoshoots and tradeshows are missed.

Wouldn’t it be great if there was a better way? Finally, there is:

Introducing the Beta Release of our 14-Day Prototype Program:

Maderight is introducing the beta release of its 14-Day Prototype Program. For certain products, we’re offering 14-day turnaround from invoice payment to shipping confirmation with a tracking number.

We believe this will solve two of your biggest development headaches:

  • Save you time
  • Provide better accountability and transparency into when prototypes will be finished.

We’re able to do accomplish this with two manufacturing innovations. First, we created a workshop dedicated to prototyping and sample making. Secondly, our workshop is fully integrated with the Maderight App. By combining the workshop with the Maderight App, we’re able to dramatically decrease lead time and improve transparency for all of our clients.

How it Works:

Our 14-day prototype program starts the moment we receive all the materials. Within 14 days, we guarantee a shipment confirmation with a tracking number or your prototypes are free.

No more guessing when items will be completed. Additionally, you can use the Maderight App to track your prototype’s progress. This will save you time, increase productivity, while also compiling all the information you need in a single location.

Why Doesn’t Your 14-Day Prototype Program Include Material Lead Times?

Since we frequently work with 3rd party suppliers our clients use, we can’t guarantee timing we don’t have control over. However, we create a sourcing plan with each of our client’s orders to coordinate sourcing of materials, trim, and labels to limit the impact this can have on lead times.


Our 14-Day Prototype Program is the first of its kind and we’re excited to introduce it to the world. Interested in kicking off a sample with us? Get in touch with us today to start the conversation

[Beta Release] Introducing Maderight's 14-Day Prototype Program
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