ABC's Before Manufacturing for Your Kickstarter

Here are 3 tips to think about before and during production to kickstart your brand in fashion. We've run a few successful Kickstarter(KS) campaigns in the past. Today, I was the phone with a new brand looking to use KS to launch, here are some helpful tips.

A. Reduce the number of styles you want to make.

It's hard hearing this sometimes, but it's necessary. Are you a new designer, never manufactured before, and scoured the web and local phone books to find reliable manufacturers? We have a general rule of 3. If you want to make 3 products, start with 1. If you want to make 10 items, start with 3. It'll make your designer's life, your factory's life, and your life much easier. It allows you to focus on one product and learn from those bumps along the way. It also frees up so much time for sales and marketing.

B. Over Budget Time and Money.

On our team, we had a materials engineer with a masters, a designer who can make a shirt from fabric + sewing machine, and a graphic artist. All of these guys can create and communicate factory speak (tech packs). We penned our products and had our samples ready before launching our line. But, due to last minute changes to packaging and custom buttons, our experienced team still mailed the shirt out about 3 days later than we promised. During production, each one of the samples cost about $250 when shipped separately. Each style had about 3 iteration samples for construction, materials, and fit. That's $750 each style before sizing.

C. Focus on Sales.

Fashion products have less than 25% success on KS. That means 3 of 4 projects accepted by KS will not get funded at all. Just posting on KS will not cut it. You will need to work your family, friends, and extended networks to let them know about your new passion project. KS makes it easy to share and collect money, but the onus is on you & your team to begin the brand building process. One amazing tactic is to personal message everyone who pledges to thank them, and ask them for more pledges. Even if they haven't received the product, they've already bought into your idea, and repeat customers are the best customers.

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ABC's Before Manufacturing for Your Kickstarter
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