8 Reasons Why the Best Brands Use Cotton

While we may take cotton for granted because designers love using it as the most common material, here are a few reasons why it's still in our closet after thousands of years.

1. Comfortable on Skin

Cotton is a natural fiber the plant creates by photosynthesis that is non-irritating to the human skin.

2. Moisture Absorbent

Moves moisture away from the skin into the fabric itself while staying comfortable.

3. Easy to Dye and Print

Its fibers hold dye extremely well and can be dyed into almost every color with high color fastness.

4. Machine Washable

The fibers are strong and robust when wet, so it’s easy to care for cotton garments.

5. Dry Clean-able

There are no adverse chemical reactions during dry cleaning so you can wash your cotton pretty much any way you like.

6. High Strength

Relative to other fabrics, cotton is strong and can handle a high amount of stress with wear and tear.

7. Drapes Well

Cotton tends to fall around the body in an attractive way. Making it popular with designers of all kinds of garments.

8. Easy to handle and sew

Unlike thinner, flimsier materials, cotton is predictable to work with, contributing to its lower price.

Picture is a long sleeve from Uniqlo's premium cotton collection.

8 Reasons Why the Best Brands Use Cotton
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