Open Source | We're Starting a Brand for You

I have a confession to make -- We messed up. A lot.

We were wrong. When we started Maderight last year, we thought we knew everything there was to know about the fashion industry. This was not the case. For the first 3 months, we gave our clients unrealistic timelines and thoroughly pissed off over 50% of them. We promised to be better than any other option out there and we let them down.

But, we learned and we iterated. Every quarter, we’ve overhauled our processes, developed better technology, and subsequently pissed off fewer and fewer clients.

We’re still not perfect but we will get there. At first, it was pretty easy to identify where we needed to improve because we had clients yelling at us over the phone every day. Now, we’re at a point where we are truly better than any other option out there. Being the best available option is not good enough though. This is why we’re starting an in-house brand.

"Be your own customer." If you’ve been in the startup world, you’ve definitely heard this phrase before. Our new brand will allow us to be our own customer so we can personally feel what it’s like to be a client and improve upon or add features to our service.

Join us on our journey. We’ll be documenting every major decision we make with the brand on this blog so that anyone looking to enter the industry can get a behind the scenes look on what it takes to start a brand. I will tag all posts in this series with "Open Source" to make it easy to identify. Feel free to shoot me an email with any questions that you want to be covered in future posts.